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Cash Flow Statement versus Income Statement

Duration : 60 Minutes

Dr. Trish Petak,

Dr. Trish Petak earned her Doctor of Business Administration and while she's a successful associate professor of business and accounting, she's also an entrepreneur who owns two businesses. One of those businesses enables her to coach business owners and leaders, develop curriculum for institution Read more

Understanding financial statements is crucial for anybody involved in finance, accounting, or business decision-making. This webinar provides participants with comprehensive knowledge of two essential financial statements – the cash flow statement and the income statement – and their distinctions. In this interactive webinar, participants will explore key concepts, purposes, and uses of both the cash flow statement and income statement. You won’t want to miss out on this engaging presentation where attendees will gain skills to analyze and interpret these financial statements independently and together. 

Course Objectives:

• Understand the importance and differences between a cash flow statement and income statement

• Determine what a cash flow statement and income statement reveals about a business’s or product’s financial performance

• Analyze and benchmark cash flow and income statement ratios

• Utilize cash flow and income statements to make strategic business decisions

Why Should You Attend:

Employers and managers should have an understanding of financial statements and how it affects financial performance. Whether it is the entire business, a department, or a product line, financial analysis and cash flow management are imperative skills in an effort to make valuable and strategic decisions, contributing to the financial success of your organization. This fun and interactive webinar is not your typical mundane accounting or finance presentation.  

Course Outline:

• Introduction of cash flow statement and income statement

• What does a cash flow statement reveal about your business (and what does it not reveal)

• What does an income statement reveal about your business (and what does it not reveal)

• Common ratios compiled from cash flow statements and income statements

• Key differences and interrelationships

• How to use these two statements together to make strategic business decisions

What You Get:

• Training Materials

• Live Q&A Session with our Expert

• Participation Certificate

• Access to Signup Community (Optional)

• Reward Points

Who Will Benefit:

•  CEO, COO, Company Owners

•  Business Owners

•  Entrepreneurs, Sole Proprietors, Self-Employed Professionals

•  Non-Profit Organizations

•  Grant Managers and Fund Directors

•  Business Management Professionals

•  Vice Presidents, Directors, and Senior Officers

•  Managers/Supervisors

•  Board Directors/Members

•  Business Brokers

•  Investors or other Business Buyers

• Risk Managers

• Supervisors

• Controllers/ CFOs / Financial Managers

• Company owners

• Presidents and CEO's

• Human Resource Directors

• Managers

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Subject : Cash Flow Statement versus Income Statement

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