About Us

Our Company

A global player in domain-specific learning, SignupTraining.com is helping individuals and businesses upskill with Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and Professional Certifications Courses.

A leading learning company with our headquarters located in New York, USA, we’re currently serving over a 100 clients in several countries across the globe. We provide classroom and digital-based learning for individual learners, corporates, and other partners with our professional certifications and Compliance and Technology courses.

Our Vision

Our aim is to make millions of professionals future-ready at every stage of their career. It’s those who’re forever learning who stay ahead of the rest. In order to make this a reality, we’ve partnered with industry-experts and educators to create practical training modules that can be immediately implemented in the work environment. Learning is crucial to stay ahead in this ever-changing world.

Our Priorities

Just like our learners, staying ahead is our priority. We’re always on the look out to be more innovative, more efficient and more agile in our approach to improve learning for professionals. We do this by making regular improvements to our platform so that it’s easy for our learners to access our material anytime they want.

Our Story

It’s difficult to keep up with the rapidly evolving workplace. We recognised this gap, and wanted to help working professionals upskill, even as they continue working. We wanted to give them an avenue to stay ahead of the cut-throat competition in the market.

From a small team of 5 members working out of a living room in USA, we’ve steadily grown to a 50 member global company with over a 1000 partner trainers and educators in the system within a span of 3 years.

Today, we’re a leading player in the space of professional learning. We’ve built a rich collection of resources that include expert educators, training and certification modules, video tutorials, online courses and webinars that cater to individuals, enterprise customers and fortune 500 companies across the globe.

We hope to continue helping our customers be prepared for the continuously evolving work environment.