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How to Prepare Financial Statements and Cash Flow Projections

Duration : 60 Minutes

Dev Strischek,

A frequent speaker, instructor, advisor and writer on credit risk and commercial banking topics and issues, Dev is principal of Devon Risk Advisory Group and engages in consulting, speaking and training on a wide range of risk, credit, and lending topics. As former SVP and senior credit policy off Read more

One of the most basic analytical and underwriting tools a banker must have is the ability to determine whether a borrower can repay its short-term borrowings based on the financial information available.

First, the session will explain the interrelationships among revenue projections, the expenses needed to support seasonal sales growth as well as the working capital assets, fixed assets, and liabilities necessary to support revenue growth. Second, the session will offer tips on how to analyzing underlying assumptions such as profitability, productivity, efficiency, and earnings retention.

Join Dev Strischek in this critical lending webinar as he shows how to use a borrower’s historic financials to project monthly balance sheet, income statement, and cash flows over the borrower’s fiscal year and seasonal expansion and contraction.

Course Objectives:

Financial organizations extend credit to borrowers when the borrowers show the ability to repay the loans extended. Ideally, a request for a five-year loan should be supported by a 5-year cash flow projection, and a request for a seasonal line of credit should be supported by a 12-month cash flow projection to identify when the borrower is likely to borrow and when the borrower can repay the line of credit in full.

Areas Covered:

• Critical role of revenues in projecting financial statements and cash flow

• Projection of income statement, balance sheet and cash flow to calculate loan needed to support projection and ability of the borrower to repay in full

• Evaluation of underlying assumptions including the feasibility of  seasonal revenue growth rate, profitability, productivity, efficiency, earning retention, and leverage

• Calculation of loan amount needed to support financial projection and borrower’s repayment ability

• Analysis of asset collateral base available to support repayment

Course Outline:

• Learn how seasonal revenue projection determines income statement and income statement determines balance sheet

• Learn critical role of working capital assets, capital expenditures and retained earnings in supporting projection

• Learn how to generate 12-month cash flow projection with balance sheet and income statement

• Learn how to estimate size of line of credit needed to realize financial projections

• Learn how to underwrite line of credit needed to fit lending organization’s policies

• Learn how to support loan with appropriate collateral and guarantees

What You Get:

• Training Materials
• Live Q&A Session with our Expert
• Participation Certificate
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• Reward Points

Who Will Benefit:

Credit analysts, underwriters, commercial bankers, loan review officers, senior lenders, credit department managers, chief credit officers.

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Subject : How to Prepare Financial Statements and Cash Flow Projections

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