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Lookup Functions, Formula Tracing & Named Ranges in Excel

Duration : 90 Minutes

Ray Evans,

Performing key roles in a the private and public sectors and also as a Board Director, Ray's proven experience includes management, business analysis, audit, report writing, system documentation, website design and video production.

Ray has qualifications in Frontline Management, Accounting, Training and Assessment an Read more

This webinar effectively teaches lookup techniques and demonstrates practical examples, providing the perspective you need to understand the depth and scope of these functions. 

Course Objectives: 

To gain a practical “hands-on” understanding of how to manage and effectively use lookup functions, formula auditing and named ranges with confidence, knowledge and consistency.

When it comes to dynamically looking up and retrieving information from small or huge tables of data, Lookup functions can elevate you to a new world of accuracy, productivity and time savings in Excel.

To work efficiently with lookup functions you must start with clear understanding, good habits, and application of correct structure and syntax.

Gaining this knowledge is a fundamental and highly marketable skill set in Excel and is vital in a wide range of professions and fields including accounting, financial analysis, government and business administration. 

Understand the power of Excel and get the most out of your software investment.

Course Outline

• Creating named ranges

• Understanding VLOOKUP

• Examples of using VLOOKUP

• Create a VLOOKUP table

• Understand absolute references in VLOOKUP functions

• VLOOKUP to find approximate match

• VLOOKUP to find exact match

• Link VLOOKUP to external data 

• Cleansing data for common VLOOKUP issues

• Performing calculations with VLOOKUP

• Use the Insert Function technique to create lookup functions 


• Formula Auditing with lookup functions

What You Get:

• Training Materials

• Live Q&A Session with our Expert

• Participation Certificate

• Access to Signup Community (Optional)

• Reward Points

Who Will Benefit:

• Accountants

• CPAs

• CFOs

• Financial Consultants

• Controllers

• Banking

• Finance

• Insurance

• Education

• Telecom

• IT

• Marketing

• Sales

• Investments

• Pharmaceutical

• Medical Devices


• Aviation

• Energy

• Retail

• Human Resource

• Logistics & Supply Chain

• Accounts

• Audit

You don't have to be proficient in the use of Excel to attend. If you can create basic worksheets and can copy and paste and apply basic formatting to cells, you’ll be able to follow along.

Please reach us at 1-888-844-8963 for any further assistance or if you wish to register


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Subject : Lookup Functions, Formula Tracing & Named Ranges in Excel

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