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Microsoft Excel - Filtering and Sorting

Duration : 60 Minutes

Bob Umlas,

Bob has been using Excel since version 0.99 (on the Macintosh) in 1986! He was voted an “MVP” (Most Valuable Professional) by Microsoft each year from 1993-2018. He's the author of  “This isn’t Excel, it’s Magic!” which is available from Other books, “Excel Outside th Read more

This 60-minute seminar will discuss all aspects of filtering from the basics to advanced filtering, as well as the new dynamic array FILTER function. It will also discuss all aspects of Sorting, from the basics to advanced Sorting techniques, as well as the new dynamic array SORT and SORTBY functions.

Course Objectives:

To give the user the ability to use the sorting and filtering features thoroughly.

Course Outline:

Using Microsoft Excel, we will go through the basics of filtering data and what that means. We will look at features not covered by the filter command, by using the advanced filter feature which we cover in detail. Then we will look at the FILTER builtin function and its various features. We will similarly go through the SORT feature, as well as the SORT builtin function.

What You Get:

• Training Materials

• Live Q&A Session with our Expert

• Participation Certificate

• Access to Signup Community (Optional)

• Reward Points

Who Will Benefit:

• Business Owners

• CEO's / CFO's / CTO's

• Managers

• Accountants

• CPA's

• Financial Consultants

• IT Professionals

• Auditors

• Human Resource Personnel

• Bookkeepers

• Marketers

• Anybody with large amounts of Data

• Anybody who uses Microsoft Excel on a regular basis, and wants to be more efficient and productive

Please reach us at 1-888-844-8963 for any further assistance or if you wish to register

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Subject : Microsoft Excel - Filtering and Sorting

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