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Return to Work Policy: A Critical Element

12-May-2021 :01:00 PM EDT Duration : 60 Minutes

Randy DeVaul,

Randy DeVaul is an experienced safety professional and designated safety expert for a national attorney group. His background includes government/regulatory, corporate, and consultative experience. He works with both OSHA- and MSHA-regulated employers to integrate safety, efficiency, and continuous improvement to increase per Read more

When an injury occurs and it becomes an OSHA recordable or lost time, a workers’ compensation claim is also filed. Often, workers’ compensation claims management is handled by someone in human resources, but there is a need for others to be involved in the return-to-work process, as well.  This includes the safety professional, risk management, the front-line supervisor, and others. A Return-to-Work policy is critical for managing claims, getting your employee back to work, and ensuring you and your employee follow the treating physician’s orders.

Course Objectives:

• Know what a Return-to-Work policy is and why you need one
• Learn and review the benefits of having a Return-to-Work policy
• Know how a Return-to-Work policy can save you from extended lost time, overtime, budget
• Review how having this policy impacts your relationship with your treating physicians, carrier, human resources, your department managers, and your injured/returning employee
• Know how this policy can prevent or reduce fraudulent claims, attorney intervention, and workload
• Ensure you train employees and managers on the Return-to-Work policy and its benefits

Why Should You Attend:

Managing workers’ compensation claims is a partnership between Safety, Human Resources, the insurance carrier, the physicians, and the employee. You need to know how the dots connect and how to get your managers and supervisors aligned while promoting faster recovery and healing to your employees.

Course Outline:

• What is a Return-to-Work policy and who cares?
• Connecting the dots with HR, managers, supervisors, physicians, the carrier, and the employee(s)
• Why you need a R-t-W policy now if you don’t have one and why you need to review it if you do.
• The many benefits of a R-t-W policy for you, the company, and the employee.
• Training employees and managers in workers’ compensation and the Return-to-Work policy

What You Get:

• Training Materials
• Live Q&A Session with our Expert
• Participation Certificate
• Access to Signup Community (Optional)
• Reward Points

Who Will Benefit:

• Safety Professionals
• Human Resource Teams
• Department Managers
• Front-line Supervisors/Team Leaders
• General Managers
• Small Business Owners

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