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Health Policy Changes & Trends in the Trump Era: Insurance and Market Outlook For 2018

Duration : 75 Minutes

Dennis Weissman,

Dennis Weissman, A nationally recognized, independent analyst and thought leader in the diagnostic field for over three decades, Dennis is President of Dennis Weissman  & Associates, LLC, Falls Church, VA, a consultancy which provides market intelligence, M&A advisory services, busine Read more

This online training will examine where health reform now stands in light of recent legislative and administrative changes, the outlook for additional policy initiatives in 2018 along with their market impact on payers and providers, and who will be the principal industry winners and losers in the ever changing heath reform environment.

Course Objectives:

Though the GOP majority succeeded in repealing the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate as part of a massive tax bill enacted at the end of last year, the reality going forward is that what remains of the ACA is still functioning fairly well and ironically, leaves the government playing an even larger role under the health law than ever envisioned when passed by Congress n 2010. Looking ahead to 2018, expect Republican lawmakers and the Trump Administration to continue to push for reforms via a scattergun approach that utilizes rule making, executive actions, regulatory waivers federal funding and judicial rulings to further obstruct the ACA including repeal of ACA taxes and expand consumer choice for health insurance. This scenario will produce some discernible winners and losers among health plans and providers as the influence of public policy proposals and changes become more important in reshaping the larger healthcare system.

Course Outline:

• Explain the market effect from repeal of the ACA individual mandate plus other administrative actions taken by the Trump Administration
• Assess new executive moves to dilute the ACA including a rule to promote association health plans
• Interpret what’s behind the Administration’s sending mixed signals on value based care initiatives
• Analyze the longer term anticipated market impact from recent legislative and administrative changes to the ACA
• Appraise how the dilution of the ACA will result in an larger overall government role under the health law
• Distinguish between the GOP House and Senate leadership reform initiatives in 2018 and the outlook for final actions this year
• Identify likely legislative dynamics surrounding Medicaid block grants and reauthorizing Medicare Extenders
• Understand how Medicare cuts to providers were averted during the beginning of 2018 and whether they can be avoided altogether throughout the year
• Discuss how political dynamics in 2018 including the midterm elections will affect the health reform debate
• Find out why the financial performance of health plans is being driven more by Medicare Advantage (MA) and Medicaid managed care than by the ACA
• Appraise the key takeaways by the push for market alliances including the proposed CVS-Aetna merger
• Describe three major 2018 health reform trends having the biggest market impact on providers and payers
• Identify who will be the biggest industry winners and losers in 2018 based on health reform market developments and trends

What You Get:

• Training Materials
•  Live Q&A Session with our Expert
• Participation Certificate
• Access to Signup Community (Optional)
• Reward Points

Who Will Benefit:

Health care industry senior and mid-level executives for the following companies & organizations:

• Profit and non-profit hospitals/health systems
• Health insurance plans
• Accountable Care Organizations
• Physician organizations & medical group practices
• Nursing homes
• Medical device companies
• Independent clinical laboratories
• Medicare & Medicaid state agencies
• Medical vendors & suppliers
• Health care consultants

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