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How to Deal with Angry, Negative, and Confrontational People

Duration : 60 Minutes

Januarie Wood,

Januarie Wood is an award-winning speaker and international trainer. She has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX news programs for her work in stress management, weight release, and relate Read more

Learning how to stay neutral in negative environments and through confrontational encounters is vital in today’s work place.  Being able to use the right words and phrases that calm angry people and help them focus on solution is a skill that builds confidence and gains respect. This seminar is designed to help the attendee gain control not just of the situation, but of their own emotions and reactions in any environment.

Course Objectives:

• Identify techniques that create open communication even through difficult situations
• Recognize which words and phrases should never be used in dealing with angry or confrontational people
• Adopt practices that keep conversations topic-focused rather than emotion-focused
• Achieve power and confidence in communication regardless of the situation or person with whom you are interacting
• Understand that you are in control of your own emotions, actions, and reactions always
• Develop the habit of taking the high road an disallowing negativity to influence you

Why Should You Attend:

• If you want to be able to stay positive in negative or difficult situations.
• If you struggle with communicating through confrontation or with angry, aggressive people.
• If you fear that you will become defensive when confronted or if you feel you might take it personally.
• If you are uncertain how to interact with negative people in a way that guides them to solution or at least keeps them from continuing down a negative path.
• If you need tools you can use in the moment to guide yourself to solution oriented verbiage and keep conversations focused on topic and positive rather than negative or accusatory.
• If you doubt your abilities to remain positive and focused when addressing difficult or emotional topics with others.
• If you wish to have more control in situations that turn emotional and with people who become defensive, upset, accusatory, and confrontational.

Course Outline:

• An understanding of how staying  positive and navigating through negative experiences and confrontational situations will gain you respect from others and more confidence in yourself
• Ways you can practice positivity and self-control in all situations, so that you will become better and stronger each time
• Key phrases that shut negative people down and guide the conversation toward solution
• Proven techniques to feel empowered when you are being confronted, attacked, or belittled
• Techniques to enable you to move through difficult topics with ease, clarity and honesty
• Keys to insure that you will not become defensive when confronted
• Quick and easy ways to calm people down who are escalated, defensive or upset

What You Get:

•  Training Reference Materials
•  Live Q&A with our Expert
•  Participation Certificate
•  Access to Signup Community (Optional)
•  Reward Points

Who Will Benefit:

• Managers and supervisors
• Administrative people
• Customer service workers
• Sales reps
• Team leaders
• Anyone who encounters negative, angry people often

Please reach us at 1-888-844-8963 for any further assistance or if you wish to register

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Subject : How to Deal with Angry, Negative, and Confrontational People

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